Unequally Yolked or Inequality?

Many Christians today discriminate other less mature Christians or Christians staggering in their Christian walk. Through that many of us prevent their growth or inhibit their correction on the path.

What about non Christians, those still living in deep sin and have not yet opened their eyes and hearts to God? Those who may have gotten the chance to be saved through us networking with them and connecting them to our saviour?

The people in our lives and the people around us, are not there by accident. We are placed in our lived to give them a touch of God’s love, a message from God or even a connection to God.

‘Do not be yolked with unbelievers’ many of us have heard sermons, lectures and teachings about this. One illustration comes to mind of 2 people standing side by side, except one is standing on a higher place than the other. The purpose of this illustration is to reflect the impossibility of the person at height pulling the one on lower ground up to their level(unless they have superman strength). In comparision to how with relative ease the one on the ground pulls the other one down. I think yolking ourselves to unbelievers entails us placing an unbeliever in a place where they will be greatly able to affect your life and life’s decisions. Eg Marriage, long term relationships, certain business partnerships. Unless you are easily influenced or not properly rooted in the word of God. Interacting or having dinner with a sinner will not make you backslide. This is not to say take yourself into the line of temptation eg if you are battling with alchoholism hang out with drunkards. Or if you have problems dealing with your sexual urges you spend time with promiscuous women, this will lead to you being unequally yolked.

Rather let us open our eyes to the inequalities Christians can create;              ‘Don’t talk to that girl she will spoil you, she had a child outside wedlock’ or ‘Don’t talk to him, he is gay’ or ‘Those people are sinners’ or ‘He has a mouth full of filth and profanity’

That is an attitude that does not reflect the love of Christ ,it is hypocrisy and spiritual immaturity. It is a misrepresentation of Christ he that dined with sinners and talked to promiscuous women. We all at one time or even currently have battled with sin. Even secret sin or sin that is in the public eye. Has God rejected you because of this?

Sin is like a disease and people that are full of it need healing. The church is a hospital for the sinner, why then are we keeping those held in bondage by their sin away from there? We all need to descend from the pedestals we may have placed ourselves on and acquire the empathy of Christ.


  1. Do you go into comparision about how you are better off than they are? Begin to pray over your inferiority complex!
  2. Do you immediately want to remove yourself from the filth because you are holy? You are missing out on an opportunity to preach the gospel, you are not following the directive to share Christ.
  3. Do you see a lost person in need of help? A potential soldier for the Lords army?

The advantage you feel you have over someone else is never a reason to look down on them, instead it is instead a reason to share with someone something they don’t have.




A piece of my mind: 1

Written on 29/06/2015

Barely 10 years post MMD rule and the country is upside down. Before I proceed to lay out my grievances; I’d like to state boldly before my authority is questioned or my freedom of speech is infringed with the misconstrued mask of ‘public order’ Act. As a part of the generation that will have to pick up the pieces of what is being torn apart. One of the people tallied to make up the population that will actually have to repay the debt that is being incurred. As a lone voice I have chosen to speak up and speak out against the impediments that are being forced on us as future leaders.

The PF came into power under Michael Sata whose slogan ‘MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS’ still remains to be seen. No money was put into our pockets neither is there an economy being pushed into the direction that people can easily earn money for their pockets. The reality today is there no money in our pockets. The forecast for tomorrow is that there will be a negative balance in our pockets because our country is going into serious levels of debt. We’re being pushed back and beyond the point we were at when were pardoned under HIPC. Why must we return to the dirt?

CBU students are rioting because they are not being taught. Why? Because their lecturers have not been paid. A social media platform aired the grievance of a CBU student who complained bitterly about the hike in graduation prices. A few weeks ago UNZA students were being evicted from their makeshift accommodation in disused showers during their exams because of a lack of accommodation. If you asked me for a country that is threatened more by ignorance and poor education standards. Why on earth was a loan obtained discreetly in Asia for the purpose of sprucing up Zambia’s defence? I have to pay that debt back in a few years; I don’t want to pay back money that doesn’t truly benefit us at the opportunity cost of an ailing education system!

Load shedding again! A daily routine for a minimum of 8 hours a day. What is happening to people in hospitals, children in schools and the progression of the economy as a whole if we are being forced to be subjected to being without electricity like our forefathers? It is unacceptable that 50 years after independence we should still be dealing with this. With no proper excuse being given to us. Why does ZESCO still export electricity if they can’t sustain the demand inside their country? They exist to provide electricity. Oh silly me, I forgot my contract law. There are existing contracts in place and their obligations continue. What about the rumoured contract they entered into with Mozambique right before load shedding begun? Were they unaware of the low water levels and decrease in the amount of rainfall before they chose to strain the supply by adding more demand? My mind is inclined to think that there is some sort of conspiracy going on, and I highly doubt I’m being over imaginative. We have the capability to produce enough electricity for ourselves and still have some to export to our neighbours. Why should we as Zambians allow for this to happen? Why must we be content with our ration of electricity with no valid reason apart from they are trying to ‘stabilise the system’? What destabilised the system to begin with? Will we get an answer past the official answer? Why is there always a change of leadership in ZESCO when there is a new government in power but no change in the standards?

A couple of months ago we were subjected to fuel prices that there higher than they should have been ,long after the international oil prices had dropped. Only for the PF to reduce the prices so they could use it as a political medal? What did they doing with the price difference of the price it should have been and the price it actually was? When the prices go down the headlines praise the PF for their achievements. When the prices go up the blame is neatly pinned on ERB. We still haven’t been given a reason for the fuel shortages we had several weeks ago.

A few weeks ago I sat in the audience of a press conference in which Elias Chipimo Jr implored President Lungu to give us a map of where his vision was taking this country as whole. We still await it, in growing impatience for us to be let in on this vision. For us to know that the events are pieces of a puzzle falling into place not the shreds of our country being torn apart. Democracy is simply defined as ‘A government, by the people, of the people, for the people’ Hello, I am the people. I do not feel like I’m being represented. I feel the resources are not being allocated. I do not feel my rights are being safeguarded neither do I feel confident in the wellbeing of my country.

Why is it permissible that a former first lady will be allowed to incur a bill of over a million kwacha while university lecturers go unpaid? How is that fair and who permitted for that to happen? Now that there has been noise made about it?

Why are party cadres from the political party in power shooting opposition members? A member from the same political party that grieved the loss of a brutally killed member? Why are cadres given so much authority? Is it that they have spiralled out of control, are their leaders turning a blind eye or are they acting under the directive of their leaders?

A constitution was promised within 90 days by people that don’t understand what that really entailed how much time has passed, how much of our little resources have been wasted in trying to produce the constitution? we need to break the trend we have had of people enacting laws to suit and support their selfish ambitions.

And now 2 men want to submit a petition to not have elections next year? Why must PF be given a full 5 year term when we have been shown what the next few years will be like? it is about time we stopped being sparing with our reasoning. As an electorate we haven’t stopped making the same mistakes. we keep voting in the leaders that stroke our ears with promises that they never fulfil only for them to come and pull the comfort from under our feet and make holes in our pockets. when will we have enough? We incur so much debt with little improvement. have you ever stopped to think about why countries and organisations are so eager to ply us with loans till we are drowning in debt? do you think they do it because they are kind or they are being father Christmas? it is not only the debt we have to struggle to pay back but their debt always comes with conditions attached. conditions we will never be let in on as the public but we will have to suffer. let us open our eyes to our ugly reality, only then will we begin to look for ways out of it.

Many people go into power from either hunger or from greed and till we put an end to that trend we will continue to choke our beloved Zambia. Look for someone who goes into politics with their head and most of all their heart. Zambia is a country blessed with so many resources but sadly we are struck with the curse of mismanagement of our resources. A loop the international community has relished and exploited.

Let us read between the lines and start asking the right questions.

Watering me down with your love..

Written 2013

Pouring all of your love on me while I shiver from the cold of my love that didn’t engulf me in his…

You flood me with your time and affection..

I’m drowning in it all..

Wiping the tears that trickle down my face when my heart questions why my love never felt the way you do, why couldn’t he treat me or feel the way you do?

A vessel with holes, will not hold its contents.. Another piece breaks off my heart..

Pity wells in my eyes as you attempt to win a heart that’s a write off..

You look at me as a mirror the other half of you? Would you still feel the same if you saw the view from my eyes of what the mirror reflects when I stand before it?

Watering me down with your love, like a frail plant needing care.

I gaze as you attempt to plant love in my heart. Weak soil wont hold roots firm.

Could you be watering me down more than you need to be? Washing other nutrients away?

For all one know I could be like the desert flower, no more than a few drops required, anymore than that and you’re doing harm and not good.

Watering me down with your love? Washing my heart clean perhaps..cleaning up after the tears?

The bar of soap washing off the scars, the hurt. But the bar will run out.

Watering me down with your love you are, haven’t you stopped to think for a second that unless I water you back, you may just dry out?

Watering me down may make me sunken treasure for another to find..





Written on: 27/05/2015

The infamous Clifford Dimba commonly known as General Kanene recently appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador in the fight against Gender based violence and child defilement has reached a new depth of low as the example he is setting for others to follow is beating his wife days after being pardoned for child defilement. What irony! Zambians have been left in awe, a combination of speechless and with much to say over the matter. However what do we really expect when the only criteria for his pardoning was not a show of reformation but doing a song in condemnation of Chama Fumba aka Pilato. As a young person I am gravely disappointed by his Excellency President Edgar Lungu and the multitudes of voices that sprung up in support of the pardoning. We can infer from Mr Dimba’s action that they were in support of a man they didn’t know for a fact to be a changed man. The inference has been proven right by Mr Dimba’s actions that have degraded and disarmed the words and statements of support. The presidential pardon is a perogative that is to be used at the president’s discretion for prisoners that are contrite and deserve a second chance. For someone with a legal background, his Excellency President Lungu ought to know there was a reason why the court prescribed an 18 year sentence on Mr Dimba. The Zambian Judiciary performed it’s duty, a duty to the aggrieved parties and the nation. The year out of 18 he has served of his sentence is clearly not enough to reform Mr Dimba thus deeming the duty in vain. Furthermore the title he has been adorned with as ‘Goodwill Ambassador of Gender Based Violence and Child Defilement’ is clearly one he does not deserve because he is full of ill will against women and children. We the youth implore and beg the President to provide us the youth of Zambia better people to look up to as examples. Clifford Dimba is not an example for us to follow if we want to grow into exemplary citizens that will lead the nation progressively.



We all have a longing to be, be more than what we already are. To multiply the yield of our efforts. We all have the longing to belong, to something great, to be a prized possession of somebody.

We’ve all had the longing to be complete, to shed off our imperfections or feel more comfortable about the sections of ourselves we could never change with our hands.

We have all had the longing for more content to be filled into our glass so that we wouldn’t have to see it as half empty or half full. All the room would be occupied and it would just be full.

Now stepping into the realm of ‘what I will become when I grow up’, now that the time is here I’m opening my eyes to the fact that all I need to become, In order for me to be, is to be me.

I came preinstalled with all I need to fulfil my destiny, to fill the glass from half empty to completely full all that need be is for me download the plugins. By plugging into him, thee, the one that created me. Ironically he opens my eyes to how I was already a glass half full for my purpose. The half empty came from a mirage, the vantage point by his side made me see this. I’m where I belong, now I can be, become, what I already was. That which I always wanted to be.

Now I belong, this is what I spent time longing to be, a prized possession. I was longing to be what I already was. Funny how my sense of belonging came when I deposited all my belongings in his hands for him to keep. All the control that belongs to me I gave to him. When I had the courage to ‘Gwesa’ the clutter I held onto like they were my belongings, he never intended for me to carry around with me that longing and self-worth deficit from all the things I longed to be and thought I could never become.

I know what is like to be. I know what it is like to be free. To be a part of something greater than me. I know what it is like to belong.

I laugh at the days to come for I know he will never with hold a good thing from me. So trust me, I will never with hold my services from thee. I was born to be. I was born to be me. I was born to become but even more importantly born to belong. Belong to the king, as one of his most prized possessions. A tool for him to do his intentions. The imperfections in me that will never be perfect t the world’s standards are just what I need to perform my purpose. Just another platform to showcase my creator’s perfection.

I used to feel like a fish out of water, that was before I became me. Like a fish trying to climb a tree, because I wasn’t at good at it as the monkey didn’t mean I’m not a masterpiece. See my master makes artisan products, I’m one of a kind. my awesome comes from what was already ingrained into me at the point of my creation. I was created a masterpiece, a piece for my master to use as he willed.

I’m successful at being me.


Some food for thought…from my tweets

food for thought

  • You knowing something or having something another doesn’t, isn’t a reason for u to feel superior. It is an opportunity for u to give or teach something! ‘He has no use for conceited people, but shows favour to those who are humble’ Proverbs 3:34
  • God places us around people for a reason. It is for us to learn from them what we don’t know and teach them what they don’t know and we do.
  • You not having or knowing something isn’t a reason for you to feel inferior it is an opportunity to learn new knowledge or expose yourself. Don’t allow you feeling inferior to keep you away from people you think are better than you.
  • Be careful not to put down the people you come in contact with, you may be missing out on something. Blessings and knowledge doesn’t always come in the packages you expect.
  • Great people don’t point out or emphasise the things that place them above others, they highlight the things that make them the same!
  • Be careful not to let your insecurities delude you. Not everything said to you is meant to put you down or show off to you.
  • Talking to people with insecurities is hard! You never know when you will set them off. They are so easy to offend. (Deal with your insecurities!)
  • But then again one must be mindful and careful enough to read people before they freely talk around them, many are offended easily.
  • Above all else, let’s aim to have conversations that leave people feeling happier or better about themselves.
  • If your aim is to put someone down, put yourself on a pedestal or broadcast your supremacy rather than kindly correct or enlighten. Check yourself!
  • We must also get into the habit of letting people know they have hurt or offended us so you can begin to understand each other. Some people do not realise their wrongs, let them know gently rather than assume they know like they are a sangoma.
  • Love yourself, love others. Treat them like you would treat yourself or want to be treated.