country policy

With the election date drawing near and my increasing distaste in both the Patriotic Front(PF) and United Party National Developement (UPND). I can’t help but mourn our lack of a set in stone country policy.

A country like Zambia that has a number as high as 80% plus living below the poverty line. A country that is resource rich but grossly mismanaged.  A country that elects presidential candidates based on how great their campaigns songs are or how many chitenges or t shirts one receives or doesn’t elect them because of propaganda like ‘We cannot continue experimenting with leadership’.

Neither the PF nor the UPND have me convinced that they have the best interests of the country at heart. This close to the election and I still cannot decipher who is the lesser evil.

Zambia would be in a much better position right now if we had a set in stone country policy that every political party that comes into power would have to adhere to. A policy that dictates where the long term and short term investments ought to go. What aid we will receive what we will not allow. What we stand for, the type of allies we will not have. What type of loans we will take and for what purposes etc.

A country like Zambia needs to heavily invest in our education system. It leaves much to be desired.  We need to grow industries like the agriculture industry. We could be the bread basket of southern Africa. Or even beyond that. We need to begin to reap more from the people who claim to be investing in our country.

Our political system is still in its infancy,less politely more blatantly it’s suffering from downs syndrome. Till we emerge from our poor politics and there after, the long term interests of the nation have to be protected.  It bothers me how our national policy changes with every change of government. It’s being used as a campaign point even ‘don’t vote us out because we have to finish our plans’ plans that are not weighed against their long term contribution to development. Those factors are less important than it’s contribution to a party’s chances of re election.

It really is our responsibility as the youth to demand a national policy. We have to live with the poor decisions our aging leaders are making.