The curtain call…

Ones home is never incomplete without curtains to cover the windows. It’s amazing the difference curtains make to a house they say.

As a young girl you hear this in hushed tones which increase in their pitch as you grow older. Constant reminders to ensure you have curtains to complete your home.  Constant caution if you don’t.

Woe to she that does not shield her home with them for it will fall into the enemies hands and she will be without a fortress.

The question is are these alterations really as vital as curtains? What purpose do curtains serve but for the decorators value when you have blinds and tinted windows? What purpose do curtains serve in a room with no windows why cover up the walls?

Is the modification really as vital as curtains or are they unnecessary accessories like the doilies that once upon a time littered the furniture in the majority of households. Have they been around so long their existence has been instutionalised? The wet monkey theory perhaps?Wet Monkey Theory

Many among us have found ourselves with accessories that have ruined the aesthetics of the home because we were instructed early on in life to ensure our home was adequately prepared for, long before we were old enough to understand what we were being asked to do. And those who don’t have curtains their home shamefully suffer naked disgrace in the presence of those that do. The absence is some sort of handicap.

If the curtains are a vital part of anatomy why don’t they come along with the house or grow as one ‘comes of age’ along with other areas like the bosom that one day serves as the offspring’s feeding source? One woman dutifully gave me the answer as we Zambians are known to do by answering questions with questions ‘Why then do they grow and stretch as you continue to tug at them? No matter how long you do that to your ears or nose will they stretch?

If they are as essential to holding a home and a marriage together why do we have so many married men stepping into homes and dwellings that do not contain these vital curtains?

Why are they medically discouraged and said to cause a  reduction in the enjoyment of the female housemate?

The curtains are such a sacred public secret that I must speak about them from behind a veil.

Men and women across the continent from as far wide as Kenya to Uganda and Zimbabwe swear by the necessity of these curtains.

They are said to be the shield and strength of the African home.How strong is our society when it’s women are oppressed?

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