We all have had one or a few at one time or another. Many of us may still be dealing with them in their different forms. From feeling like you are too fat or too skin. Too dark. Not endowed
 enough. Where you live.What you look like.The list is endless.

The truth is, there are some things that are within our power to change. Like you could manage your weight better for example. Or you could work harder stop giving excuses inprove your financial situation. Then there are the things that we cant change without altering God’s intention for our lives. Things like the way your nose is shaped,or our complexion.That body feature you least like etc

Insecurities come mostly from comparison and the belief that something should be different from its present state. You want to be like the light skin girl that gets more attention. Or the tall guy who has girls swooning over him.

One of my greatest moments of liberation was when I got to the realisation that the things God made me with, where he placed me is all for a purpose.It is all on purpose that im shaped the way I am. Things like the way my feet look or even though it is much to my annoyance my body sheds weight easily but struggles to gain it.

My song of the year Travis Greene’s intentional says ‘All things are working for my good because he’s intentional,  he is never failing’

Sometimes we dont see the point in alot of the things we go through or about us till much later.

Many of us struggle with accepting our physical appearance. God makes us just the way we should look.with many of us if we were anymore beautiful the world would suffer. And with some being really beautiful would be a hinderance rather than a help to whatever your purpose is thats why you were not created like that. Or maybe God is holding off giving you wealth or a particular blessing because you don’t know how to handle it and it would be a hinderance to you at present.etc

Turn your insecurities to the secure rock you can forever count on Jesus and let him show you their purpose. Insecurities are things you are looking at wrongly or not looking at correctly.  They may be disguised blessings or hidden opportunities.  I challenge you to change your perspective about yourself.

‘Go wear your shoes’

‘Mummy I want to come with you’ the infant said as she saw her mother dolled up to leave the house.

‘But baby where I’m going they don’t allow children’ the mother responds getting irritated because she is late and the last thing she needs is childish demands

The infant’s face starts to contort twisting the cute face into a saddened one. A prelude to tears.

Daddy is outside hooting because they are late due to the multiple outfit changes.

‘OK baby go and wear your shoes’ mummy says ‘don’t cry put them on nicely’

The infant dashes off to her room to hurriedly wear her shoes.Filled with excitement and curiousity of the excursion.

She reports dutifully to the door and to her horror she finds her parents gone!

How many of us experienced that as kids?

It got me thinking about faith. We faithfully trusted that our parents would wait for us and we would accompany them on the excursion. Maybe sometimes they actually made us go and get our shoes and we would find them waiting.

The point is we trusted them. That is the same way we should trust God. Blindly and confidently. The plus side to God in comparison to our eartly parents is that if he tells you to go and wear your shoes while he waits, you will find him waiting for you. He keeps his word. He doesn’t tell you to go and wear shoes as an escape tactic.