The Kickback Culture May Knock Us Out

20190616_185017_0000.pngThe kick back culture or how it may be referred to locally as ‘Nichekeleko’ is ruining our country. Services and Jobs are not always provided or requested for by the best or the most competent but rather from those that are willing to share part of their pay with those people who are influential in ensuring they award them the contracts or opportunities. Granted every now and then the most competent may be willing or may even have to give kickbacks in order to maintain good ties, but is this really the business culture we would like to build a legacy on?

Mediocrity is something we let to to come stay in our Zambian society, we have given it permanent residence in our lives, allowed to be a tenant in our standards and have warmly embraced the chilling consequences of.

This dire repercussion of the kickback culture is seen in almost every sector of our economy, the government sector, the creative industry, the corporate pretty much every industry has it in one way, shape or form. They as a result either do not grow or suffer from inefficiency because they are not looking to have the best or the most durable products and/or services and as the adage goes ‘cheap is expensive’
From a more political aspect we usher in not the most servant hearted leaders, not the most wise or the most innovative or brilliant minds to help tackle our problems but the ones that is likely to ensure you a piece of the pie once they are in office. The leader that enticed you with pecuniary advantage not the one with the most sustainable solutions to your immediate needs.
The truth is times are hard , the economy is unfavourable for many and if you don’t do it someone else will . No one wants to live a hard knock life. Is your integrity a price worthy of it? Is the overall generational damage worth it?? What is the best way to deal with this, lets start a solution oriented conversation and fight the negative aspects of the kickback culture.


2 thoughts on “The Kickback Culture May Knock Us Out

  1. Nigerian Patriot says:

    This is a huge problem in my country (Nigeria) as well. Deep thinking clearly shows there are no benefits to the ‘kick back’ culture, however it seems to present some emotional gratification to the participants regardless their excuse.
    The best way to deal with the canker worm would be to continue to enlighten people on the negative consequence of the sick habit as you are doing here. A public reward system for certain outstanding ethical actions by people who refuse to subscribe to the scourge would be a huge moral booster. This reward system must not be crafted around any financial gain. Finally, Offenders should be severely punished as a bold deterrent to others.
    Your selfless concern on this issue is deeply appreciated. Great Post!


    • Things Tinashe Says says:

      Thank you for your kind words and comment. You are very right, in a society where things have become so bad there must be an incentive to counteract the wrong behaviour. In addition to your great points I think we must also work heavily to teach the new generation to not succumb to this dirty system but to be focused on rebuilding and beginning a new culture.

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